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How to Hit Consistently with Pace and Accuracy

In this post, we are continuing understanding the 10 questions to ask to become a better tennis player.

Last time, we went over covering the court. Today, we are going to go over hitting the ball, specifically the pace of shot and how to throw your opponent off balance with changing the pace.

The Test of a Good Player

Ask yourself the following 10 questions to measure your progress toward becoming a great player.

  1. Covering the Court
  2. Hit the ball
  3. Control my shots
  4. Setting up the points
  5. Control my nerves
  6. Learn from my mistakes
  7. Intimidate my opponents
  8. Pressure my opponent
  9. Enjoy the battle
  10. Handle the outcome  

Pace of Shot

Once you learn to stroke the ball, the question arises, how fast should you swing? If yous wing faster or slower with the same form, the ball will go harder or softer accordingly. In tennis 

Some coaches recommend changing the pace in order to upset the rhythm of your opponent. This is very difficult to do. Most errors come from over­hitting or dumping the ball in the net. I recommend finding the pace where you can hit the ball consistently and accurately and don’t change it. 

Let your opponent try to get you out of your rhythm. If you have the skills to change the pace of the ball and change the height, you might want to try getting your opponent out of rhythm and see what happens.