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Watching the Tennis Pros at Home

Watching Tennis at Home

With the Australian Open currently in the third round, we thought we would cover the best way to watch the pros

Network TV: ESPN, NBC, CBS and ABC often bid for the most popular telecasts of the major tournaments, i.e. the semifinals and finals or other telecasts which are shown on the weekend. If there are rain delays the network may shift the live telecast to one of their cable outlets (Versus for

Cable TV: The early rounds of the majors are usually purchased and shown on cable stations. Some lesser tournaments are also shown on cable. ESPN2 ,Comcast Sports and USA have shown a lot of tennis. Lately Tennis Channel has outbid them. Generally you must pay an additional $5 a On­line: streams videos of many tennis matches. It is especially good during the majors since you may watch a complete match without interruption and sometimes without any commentary. The nicest thing is that you can pick a match and watch it whenever you like without recording it. It is free as well. and Youtube may also show some matches.

Draws: A good place for printable draws are the sites for the men’s tour (ATP) and the women’s tour (WTA). Google them since one of them has changed its website.

Tournament Websites: All of the tournaments have their own website and may give the TV schedule as well as the schedule of play, draws, and live scoring.